Here is the approx. 2 minute portion missing from the DVD/video releases of Moving House. It occurs after Frank has been thrown out of the furniture van.

Removal man (to the other removal man): It's no good. Here – you go for an ambulance, I'll get some help.

An Indian onlooker in his garden is astonished to see a figure start emerging from the cauldron of tar. He calls his wife to see.

Frank: Good afternoon – is this the North End council estate?

Frank (seeing the onlookers are not understanding him): English man fallen in the cauldron.

They still don't understand.

Frank: 'Scuse me – it's very hot in here. In fact, it's boiling. You give me a hand?

The Indian women clutches her head in horror.

Frank: No, no, no, no, no – not a "head", a "hand".

Frank climbs out of the cauldron but manages to scrunch his groin on the side...

Frank: Ooh! That won't do my married life any good!

Frank (to the onlookers): Thank you very much. English man very grateful to Indian brother.

Onlooker: Would English brother like a cup of tea?

Frank notices something lying ruined on the ground.

Frank: Oh, me saxifrages!

Onlooker: Ah – me, Buta Singh.

The removal men return. Frank strides indignantly up to them.

Removal man: Mr Spencer?!?

Frank: You will be hearing from my legal department... and my tailor – I only had this on approval.

He slaps shut the tar-soaked lapels of his suit and storms off.

The episode then continues with the first scene in the new house with Betty.

Audio clip:

sound clip The missing material.